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Authority Tree Service Crystal River Florida

Authority Tree Service Crystal River FL

We have top of  the line tree removal equipment , that will ensure we can complete the entire tree job all on the same day.   Authority Tree is licensed and insured for both residential and commerical tree service.


"Authority Tree Service was professional and took pride in helping me to decide which tree's should be trimmed or removed...I was happy to see that they could not only trim the tree's but also remove all of the debris, leaving my property in Crystal River, FL looking great!"

Michael Jones, Crystal River Florida

Authority Tree Service in Palatka Florida

Authority Tree Service Palatka FL

No Tree Service is too big or small for Authority Tree, we are capable of clearing large tree lots for new construction or just trimming a few trees.


"I had a hard time finding company who was capable of clearing the lot for my home in Palatka Florida and who would come out to the area.  Authority Tree came out and provided a free estimate....they completed the tree service on time, allowing me to start construction early."

Charlie Thomas, Palataka FL



Hurricane Proofing Tree Service Citrus Springs Florida

Hurricane Proofing Tree Service Citrus Springs FL

The trees around your home give you privacy and much needed shade during those hot summer months.  However, those same trees can significantly damage your home and property during a storm if not properly trimmed.


"We love the big oak in front of our house in Citrus Springs , Florida but when a big storm came through sending a large branch crashing down on our roof, we knew we had to do something before the hurricane season started.  Authority Trees' hurricane proofing tree service removed the dangerous branches and still preserved the tree"

Sandra Mcmormick, Citrus Springs Florida

Storm Damage Tree Clean Up Belleview Florida

Storm Damage Clean Up Belleview FL

With our fleet of tree trimming and removal equipement and skilled team we are able to clean up large scale storm damage to your home and property. 


"When a storm came through Belleview Florida our farm had multiple trees and branchs down everywhere. Authority tree came in and quickly got to work cleaning up the property and trimmed other trees that could have potentially come down in future storms."

Sam Williams, Belleview Florida

Tree Removal Crane Service Gainesville Florida

Tree Removal Crane Service Gainesville FL


Sometimes to safely remove tree branchs from mature trees you need a lift, many small tree service companies do not have a crane in thier fleet of equipment but Authority Tree does.


"Many of the tree companies I called , were going to have to call in a 'friend' to bring a crane in to trim my trees at my home in Gainesville Florida. I wanted a reliable company who could handle the job entirely ....Authority Tree had the crane and skill to do the job."

Bob Werther, Gainesville Florida


Tree Trimming In Ocala Florida

Tree Trimming in Ocala FL

 As a full service tree company, customer satififaction is our #1 priority. We judge how well we are doing based on our customers reffering Authority Tree Service to their friends and family. 


"I was extremely happy with not only the quick response time for scheduling my job but also the manner in which the tree job was completed at my home in Ocala Florida. The workers were professional, courtious and did a great job. I have recommended them to other members of my family, who also had a great experience in working with Authority Tree."

Jim Bolain, Ocala Florida




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